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"Hosanna at Home!"

Let's Celebrate Holy Week Together!

Below you will find video tutorials of all the crafts you may have received in your boxes. Some crafts were included in the kid box, middle box or adult box. Simply scroll through until you find the one you are ready to make and click the video! 

We definitely miss having you in person for this event, but would LOVE to see any pictures or quick videos you would like to share with us while you are working on your projects!!

If you would like to send us pics or videos, please send to or by text to 419-706-0765.

We will share these in our next messenger article.

Holy Week Path - Kids Box

Sunset Cross Painting - Middle Box

Empty Tomb Cupcake - Middle Box

Beaded Cross - Middle Box

Macrame Flower Pot - Adult Box

Nailed Cross - Adult Box

Easter Countdown - Family Box

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