Just Give Me Jesus

Bible-based activities to do with your kids at home.

"Just Give Me Jesus" are kid-friendly, do it yourself, at home, Bible lessons for preschool - elementary age students. This resource first began in response to the Coronavirus outbreak across the country. The original idea was to share with others the Bible lesson I was doing at home with my own kids. That way, you too would have a daily Bible lesson ready to go. 


Since the beginning of this program in March 2020, we have gone through 70 stories and over 150 activities! We have come full circle and have provided quick activities for all the stories in a children's Bible. Our first lesson began with boy Jesus in the temple, and our last (Summer Edition #10) ended with the three Wisemen and King Herod. All of these lessons are available on my YouTube channel to access whenever you would like. Most of these lessons are singular stories with one activity.

Our summer edition lessons combine two stories with multiple activities to choose from

(note: not ALL of the activities in the summer editions need to be done outside with nice weather.

Check them out anytime of year!).

Look below to access these lessons any time you would like!

God Bless, ~ Kathleen Wheeler


July 27- Aug 2 (Summer Edition #10)

The Three Wisemen

King Herod

Check out some of our past lessons and visit our YouTube channel, below, for even more!

July 6-12 (Summer Edition #7)

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Jonah and the Great Fish

July 13-19 (Summer Edition #8)

Ezra and the Party

Jesus is Born!

June 20-26 (Summer Edition #9)

The Shepherds & the Star

Simeon & Anna

Visit "Just Give Me Jesus" youtube channel for more lessons:

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