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The Session is the governing body of our church.  The following Elders currently serve on Session: 


Deacons are the caregivers in the church.

The Following Deacons are currently serving our congregation:

Shannon Sommers

Shannon Sommers Zone 1

Cynthia Kniffin

Cynthia Kniffin Zone 2

George Scherz

Georgiana Scherz Zone 3


Marco Caponi Zone 4

Heidi Strong

Heidi Strong Zone 5

Roger Knight

Roger Knight Zone 6


Nancy Gfell Zone 7

Marcia Barlow

Marcia Barlow Zone 8

Donna Allen

Donna Allen Zone 9

Crissy Cooperrider

Crissy Cooperrider Zone 10

Katie Howell

Katie Howell Zone 11

Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner Zone 12

Meet Our Staff

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