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Jason Knapp Visits on 1/21

This Sunday at FPC we will have a special guest in our pulpit. My dear friend and former parishioner, Jason Knapp, will be preaching at both worship services on the theme, “The Feet Next to Mine”. During adult education, Jason and his wife, Betty, will be sharing with us about an amazing work that God is doing in Tanzania through their daughter, Lorien and her husband, Paul Alex. Jason is a wonderful guy and a good preacher. What God is doing in Kahunda, Tanzania is nothing short of a miracle.

After two or three years working with Street boys (abandoned and thrown away children) in Mwanza, Tanzania, Lorien and Paul were called by God to establish a home for boys in the village of Kahunda a few hours drive from Mwanza. The boys home is called “Kwetu Faraja” or “Our Loving Home”, in Swahili. What began as a single rough building for fewer than a dozen boys is now, only five years later, a campus with a population that ranges between 35 and 50 boys. The program now includes a dormitory, a dining hall and kitchen, a primary school, a cow barn, a chicken coup, a water system that provides the only clean drinking water in the whole district, a farm, a fishing boat, a fish farm (opening in 2018) and small gas powered grain mill, a solar electric power system, and a full sized John Deere tractor.

God has placed MANY challenges in front of Lorien and also drawn together many resources for the facing of those challenges and the result is a project that was recently recognized by the American State Department through our embassy in Tanzania and which is not only saving the lives of young boys but positively impacting the local economy and building strong leadership for Tanzania’s future.

Come to church on Sunday and learn more about the Goodness of God as it is working in Tanzania.

Pastor Dave

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