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Show some love this Valentine's Day!

The Outreach Committee is a group of individuals whose goal is to create and implement events that open our church’s ministry to those who are non-members and visitors. These events are designed to be invitational and open to all people, so that they may be exposed to our church family and the life of our congregation. We focus on many programs and events during the year but since its February and Valentine’s Day is coming this is what we have in store.

Every year on Valentine’s Day our team delivers balloons to the Oncology Dept. at Fisher-Titus Medical Center. There are usually 7-12 patients that are receiving chemo-therapy. We give them a balloon and introduce ourselves to them and sit and visit and offer words of comfort and prayers for them and their families. We also provide bags of hard candy to leave in the treatment room for all patients to enjoy. Chemo tends to change your taste buds. It makes everything taste like plastic or take taste away all together. The candy we provide is usually strong flavors like peppermint, anise and butterscotch. The team feels encouraged and so happy to know that we have made someone smile and know that they are being thought of and prayed for on the day of LOVE!

The Outreach team also sends care packages to our college students, military and students in the mission field. We have help from our children’s Sunday School classes and from our Youth Group. These care packages are being sent 4 times a year with candy, stickers, pencils, sticky

notes and all sorts of other goodies. Just letting them know that we are praying and thinking about them even though we don’t see them regularly because they are away from us. You know the old saying, “Absence makes the Heart grow fonder.” Well, it’s true!!! We miss them all so much.

We do so many more things for our church family and our community. If you would like to know more, stay tuned or contact someone at the church and they can help you get in touch with an Outreach Committee member.

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