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A message from the PNC (Pastoral Nominating Committee) team.

A message from the PNC (Pastoral Nominating Committee) team.

As you know, the PNC team has been hard at work, pouring over many resumes. It has been a challenging endeavor but so rewarding. There have been many things to learn, experience and tasks to complete. Challenges include meeting every Monday night. Sometimes our meetings last 2 hours, sometimes they last 4 hours. I know many wonder, “What ARE they doing for all those hours?”, including our families. In the beginning there was a “learning curve” if you will. Some of us had never read a resume before. And the acronyms that are used, that’s a fun one. We had to learn to trust each other, and become one, in voice and mind through the Holy Spirit’s help. We have learned a lot about Faith and Prayer and how important they both are. There have been several times at least one of us has said, "I am NOT qualified for this, this is a HUGE task.” We all realize just how important this is and we are not taking it lightly. A trusted friend told me to think of it as if we were baking a cake. The Holy Spirit called each one of us to this task, and we each have an ingredient needed to make this cake. We don’t know what ingredient the others have and we may not even know what our own ingredient is. But the Holy Spirit knows and he will use each ingredient to make that cake and we will know in due time. So please be patient along with us while we wait and discern who God has called to be our new pastor.

We have interviewed several candidates via Skype and have been emailing others. We are working hard on our church family’s behalf to find the right candidate for our church. Please join us in praying for the one He is calling to be our new minister, in His time and in His will.

Thank you,


PNC team member

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