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With Thanks: 2019 Rummage Sale

Dear Church family,

Thank you does not seem enough for the task that we accomplished together. We all worked very hard towards an awesome end goal. So far, we have raised $7500. WOW! 100% of that money is given to local, national and global charities. If you would like to know the specific charities, they can be found in the PW booklet or by calling the church office.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who helped in a small or BIG way. We cannot possibly name all of you, there are way too many to remember. There was furniture moved all year long. From homes, apartments, and condos into the basement where we store it all in anticipation for the spring sale. We hope you know that we do not take this lightly and we price your items at a good, fair price. If your items are valuable, we research them and price them at a value that you would be happy with. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into this process. If those items do not sell at the sale, we place them on Ebay or FB Marketplace and try to sell them there. This requires taking pictures of the item, writing a description and possibly meeting someone at the church for them to look at it and then hopefully purchasing it. We want you to know that we appreciate you, your treasures and your trust in us to handle them in the best way that we know how.

Thank you to all who worked the week prior to the sale. Without you, we would not have been as organized. There would have been no sorting, pricing, or friendships built.

Thanks to anyone who volunteered as a cashier, you were invaluable. As you have to “wing it” on occasion, because there was an item that wasn’t marked. You also have to be alert and on your toes to adjust prices and watch for those who think they are entitled to our things for free. You handled all of these things with grace, love and kindness.

We heard many comments throughout the sale about how kind you all were to those who are less fortunate, by giving them clothes at no charge or giving them a great deal for all they purchased. You are ALL invaluable to this process and we can not THANK YOU enough. We know how precious your time and efforts are and we APPRECIATE you and all that you do for our church and community. We believe the Lord is well pleased and looked upon us and said, “Well done, good and faithful servants.” So he blessed us with a successful event to be used in his honor and glory.

We will cherish the new friendships made and the love that we have forged through the process. We also lost one of our own during the weekend of the rummage sale. She was always dedicated in helping throughout the weekend, mainly scheduling cashiers and volunteers through the week prior to the sale and the weekend. She was missed that weekend. We are dedicating our sale and success of it to Susan Croft. Thank you, Susan, for your work and dedication to the PW rummage sale. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

Respect and Love to all, PW Board and Members

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