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Wills Emphasis Sunday: Reaching Out in Love

May 5, 2019 is Wills Emphasis Sunday. I recently read a story on the Internet, which piqued my curiosity about its meaning. Bear with me as I try to recount what I read.

Eighty six year old Rose Howard loved going to church. Worshipping God in His house was important to her. Today was no exception as her son, Malcolm, came to drive his mother to church. When they arrived at St. Stephens, Malcolm helped his mother out of the car and unloaded her walker. Rose then ascended the ramp. At the top of the walkway, she glanced back to survey the ramp. Rose remembered when the ramp had been rickety and not well constructed. That all changed when a member of the church, Tom Haywood, designated a bequest in his will be donated to St. Stephens. Rose and her late husband had been good friends with Tom Haywood. The gift had provided funding for a new handicap ramp that now reflected safety and sturdiness. The trustees of the church had wisely used the funds for the benefit of many of its members. Rose smiled with appreciation and opened the door to His house.

We all give time and money to our church while we are living. What greater legacy can we leave behind than a financial bequest as written in our Will? It is not hard to do. You merely sit down with your attorney and explore your options. If you do not have an attorney, you might want to consider someone who specializes in Probate matters.

Any member of the Stewardship Committee can respond to questions you may have. We are not able to advise you because that has to be your decision subsequent to your discussion with your counselor. We ask that you give prayerful consideration to naming First Presbyterian Church in your will.

God bless you and thank you for your support.

Bill Carr Stewardship Committee

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