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Clair Brewer Transitions to Pastor Emeritus

In 2006, Rev. Clair Brewer was looking at retirement and decided that he still had a contribution to make. At the invitation of Rev. Adrian Doll, Clair joined the staff of the First Presbyterian Church of Norwalk. Over the last fifteen years, he has assisted in worship, taught adult Christian education, and provided compassionate pastoral care.

Clair is a man of incredible intelligence and wisdom. Since my arrival in 2018, I personally have benefited from Clair’s counsel and insights. He prays with such eloquence. If God had voicemail, you could easily imagine Clair Brewer’s baritone giving the message. This congregation fell in love with Clair, and he fell in love with us.

This summer, Clair turned 91 years old. As he often notes, “I’m doing okay for an old guy.” Clair has decided that it’s time for a change. At the end of August, he will be stepping down from his position as Parish Associate. He feels that now is the right time. That being said, Clair still sees that he has a contribution to make.

The session of the First Presbyterian Church will be creating the honorary position of Pastor Emeritus. Clair has accepted my invitation to serve in this capacity. As he is able, Clair will still be offering prayers, making phone calls, and offering counsel. As Pastor Emeritus, he will be serving as an elder statesman for the church. We are excited that Clair will remain part of our congregation.

In the meantime, the session intends to fill Clair’s old position with a qualified candidate as soon as possible. The job responsibilities and qualifications will be changing to meet the new challenges we are facing. A search team under the guidance of the Personnel Committee is currently considering our options. You will be hearing more about this process.

Please check your mailbox in the near future for a letter from Clair himself. He wanted to speak directly to all of you to express his thoughts during this time of transition. Also, please mark your calendar for a special fellowship with Clair on September 19 following the late worship service. Due to the fact that Clair remains immunocompromised, the family is requesting that we meet outdoors and with face covering.

We remain grateful for old friends and new opportunities. May God continue to bless Rev. Clair Brewer and the First Presbyterian Church of Norwalk.

Grace & Peace,

James Hodsden

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

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