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Lent for Kids - Community

We are continuing on with our weekly Lenten topics of spiritual disciplines and this week we are taking a look at community. We are social beings by nature - it's one of our great design features God has blessed us with. Our entire society is structured around community. We work together, play together, rest together and generally spend time with other humans. Kids come pre-wired with this innate sense of wanting to belong and be with other too. This topic of community will be an easier one for your kids to grasp, but let's not miss that we aren't just talking about the broad community, but rather specifically the Christian community and the importance of being with other believers.

In this week's letter, you will find a simple definition of community, some discussion points for you and your kids about community and the church, a children's sermon about being stronger together, ways to incorporate community into your family's life this week, a look at the early Christians and what community meant to them, resources for grown-up communities, and more! Click the link below now, or find it under the "Just Give Me Jesus" page located under the "Children and Youth" tab at the top of this website. You can also go here to access past week's letters on prayer and worship. Have a great week, everyone, and keep Jesus in the center of your kid's lives!

Blessings, Kathleen Wheeler

~Director of Children & Family Ministries~

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