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Lent for Kids - Prayer

This week's Lenten topic is prayer. What an amazing thing it is that we get to come before our God and TALK with Him! I know I take this for granted daily, but it is nothing short of a miracle that God allows us and wants us to be in relationship with Him. Starting your children out young with a strong foundation of prayer will be a cornerstone to their own relationship with God. Even before kids are old enough to form prayers themselves, simply watching others pray around them is key. In this week's letter, you will find a simple definition of prayer, some discussion points for you and your kids about prayer, a children's sermon about the 5 W's of prayer, ways to incorporate prayer into your family's life this week, easy outlines for prayer that kids can use, pre-written prayers for kids to use in different situations or before bed, ways parents can pray for their kids, and many more resources! Click the link below now, or find it under the "Just Give Me Jesus" page located under the "Children and Youth" tab at the top of this website. You can go here to access last week's letter on worship. Have a great week, everyone, and keep Jesus in the center of your kid's lives!

Blessings, Kathleen Wheeler

~Director of Children & Family Ministries~

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