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Lent for Kids - Service

This week's spiritual discipline for our lenten series is service. As I mention in this week's letter, service ties right into last week's focus of community. We are made to be in connection with each other in community, and service is the way we act and respond to that community. There are countless ways we can practice being a servant to others, from big ideas like helping to build someone else a house, to small things we instinctively do daily, like helping with the chores, or reminding someone in your family that you love them. Anything we do that can be an example of Jesus' love to someone else is an act of service.

In this week's letter, you will find a simple definition of service, some discussion points for you and your kids about living a life of service, a children's sermon about living like Jesus, ways to incorporate service into your family's life this week, an acts of kindness challenge, several resources focused on seeing service in your family's life, and more! Click the link below now, or find it under the "Just Give Me Jesus" page located under the "Children and Youth" tab at the top of this website. You can also go here to access past week's letters on community, prayer and worship. Have a great week, everyone, and keep Jesus in the center of your kid's lives!

Blessings, Kathleen Wheeler

~Director of Children & Family Ministries~

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