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Lent for Kids - Worship

Lent has begun - those 40 days before Easter where we anticipate the resurrection of our Savior with self-reflection. This year, our church is focusing on 5 of the spiritual disciplines throughout this Lenten season: worship, prayer, community, service and scripture. I love looking at how I am using spiritual disciplines, and often get excited about the idea of incorporating new ideas to further enhance those disciplines in my own life, but I also find that they are a bit more daunting and challenging when trying to apply them to my children's lives. But it doesn't have to be that way! Kids learn and pick up new concepts at a surprising rate and usually something I think will be hard for them to grasp, comes quicker than I thought, especially when paired with simple explanations and hands on experiences.

Enter "Just Give Me Jesus" Lenten Edition! Back in the spring of 2020, I started sharing Bible lessons and hands on activities for kids with the "Just Give Me Jesus" community as a way to keep our focus on Jesus, especially in light of our new quarantine orders. By the middle of the summer we had gone through the entire Bible with 70 stories and over 150 activities! It was a wonderful thing to be a part of, and NOW WE'RE BACK! Each week of Lent, I will explore that week's spiritual discipline with a child's focus. My letter will contain easy explanations kids can understand, questions for discussion at home, a quick children's sermon video, simple and effective ways you can incorporate that week's discipline at home, and tons of resources to help you easily guide your children into a more meaningful relationship with Jesus! All of these weekly resources will be saved under our "Just Give Me Jesus" tab which can be found under the "Children and Youth" tab at the top of our website.

Are you ready to join us for this week's "Just Give Me Jesus" - Lent for Kids? This week we are talking about WORSHIP! Take a look:

Blessings, Kathleen Wheeler

~Director of Children & Family Ministries~

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