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Radio Drama for Christmas 2022



First Presbyterian Church is presenting a Christmas gift of “old-time” radio. Remember the old radio dramas like “The Shadow” and “The Green Hornet”? We have produced a dramatic retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol starring some familiar faces, rather voices. It will air on WLKR 92.9 FM on December 23 at 5 pm and December 24 at 9 pm. Here’s a list of characters:

Narrator Ty Keefer

Belle Brooke Heyman

Belle's Husband Eli Kluding

Bob Cratchit Greg Eyer

Boy on the Street Greg Keefer

Charity Worker Julie Murdock

Cratchit Children Wheeler Children

Ebenezer Scrooge Brian Pancost

Fezziwig John Flickinger

Fred Mike Matter

Ghost of Christmas Past Sara Hodsden

Ghost of Christmas Present James Hodsden

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Himself

Jacob Marley Dale Rafie

Man on the Street Curt Markley

Martha Patti Matter

Mrs. Cratchit Kathleen Wheeler

Tiny Tim Eli Keefer

A big thank you to Mike Matter for the hours and hours engineering the show. We had a preview, and it sounds awesome. You are in for a treat. See you on the radio!

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