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Update on the Ongoing Covid Crisis

Good Evening,

These past few weeks, I’ve been watching an uptick of Covid cases in our community. More disconcerting has been the number of people that I know in our church and beyond who have been impacted recently by Covid. The original virus has been supplanted by variants like Delta and now Omicron. Although the vaccines continue to be effective, there are breakthrough cases. All of this news is a bit depressing. We are tired of hearing this tune again and again. Please forgive me for bringing it up, but I thought it might be helpful to share some information related to our church and worship.


There have been cases of Covid within the church community and even among the staff. The church tries to balance the privacy of individuals in the congregation with the need to inform those who may have been exposed. As a result, we only inform those directly involved such as a Sunday School class, a committee, or a small group. This is typically the practice of schools and other community groups. On the rare occasion that someone has interacted with the entire congregation, we inform the whole church. Also, please know that sometimes the church leadership is not informed of someone with Covid. In those cases, there is nothing we can do.


Our current policy does not have any restrictions save to love your neighbor. We ask for everyone participating in the life of our congregation to be respectful of others.

  • If you are exhibiting symptoms, stay home. That message is for everyone including staff. We don’t want anyone else to be exposed to this virus.

  • When in doubt, get a test. Because I am often around vulnerable populations, I have gotten numerous tests (all negative). They are certainly annoying, but it does give some peace of mind.

  • We are providing facemasks. Don’t be afraid to use them.

  • Talk to your physician about getting a vaccine and/or a booster. While you are at it, talk to your physician about the flu shot. Get the facts, and then make an informed decision.

  • If you are worried, connect with us from home via live stream. We are found on our YouTube channel on Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM.


Please pray. These past few years, we have been reminded that we are not as strong as we think we are. Ultimately, we should put our trust and hope in God. Take whatever preparations you need to, but don’t forget to lean on God’s power and mercy. We will get through this. May God bless the First Presbyterian Church of Norwalk.

Grace & Peace,

James Hodsden

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